Three Inspired Winter Styles

On the heels of the polar vortex, and prepping for the next big chill, these are three of our favorite winter styles designed for maximum warmth. You can also visit our website to check out our full selection of fur, wool, and leather hats.

Whether you’re out on a bombing mission in an early open-cockpit airplane, or just out for a late-night dog walk, our leather aviator cap is sure to keep you in command. Imported from Canada, made from soft nappa leather, and lined with rabbit fur, our aviator’s classic style will have both men and women flying high – with or without the traditional matching pair of goggles.

Leather Aviator ($60.)

Channeling: Charles LindberghSnoopy vs. the Red Baron

Available in black or brown


This timeless fur Ambassador hat is made in the USA of genuine lamb’s wool, is fully lined, and features earflaps. With tight and distinctive  wooly curls that give it a stately look, the “Ambassador” will have you demanding the attention of an international oligarch – without the Soviet freeze.

Persian Ambassador ($225.)

Channeling: Leonoid Brezhnev

Available in gray or black

Shearling Baseball Cap ($85.)

Adding some winter flair to the traditional baseball cap, this Canadian import is made from 100% shearling and leather suede. Ideal for men and women who are looking to up their game (and stay warm while doing it), the shearling baller is a home run from Williamsburg to Winnipeg. Channeling: Sherlock Holmes 

Available in black, brown, gray, and tan